Prop 35 Proponents Respond to District Court Ruling Granting

Jan 12, 2013   

Requirement that Convicted Sex Offenders Provide Internet Identifiers Now On Hold Until Further Litigation

San Francisco, California – The proponents of Prop 35 released the following statements responding to a ruling today by Senior District Judge Thelton E. Henderson of the United States District Court, Northern California District. Judge Henderson has granted a preliminary injunction on one provision of Prop 35 that required convicted sex offenders to provide internet identifiers to law enforcement. The ACLU and EFF filed a lawsuit shortly after the initiative’s landslide victory at the polls in November 2012 on this provision and today’s ruling continues a temporary injunction awarded just after Election Day.

“We are disappointed with this decision, but we are confident that in due time this common sense provision will be upheld by the courts,” said Chris Kelly of the Safer California Foundation. “The claims made by the ACLU have been previously litigated, and appellate courts have rejected their misinterpretation of the Constitution. We will continue to advocate for the protection of vulnerable women and children online and on our streets that California voters called for in their overwhelming support of Proposition 35.”

“Californians made clear when they passed Prop 35 with 81% that the people support making the internet a safer place for vulnerable women and children,” said Daphne Phung, Founder of California Against Slavery. “This was the most popular initiative in California’s history. Given that overwhelming support, it was disappointing that court took a different view on a provision of the initiative. We are confident that in due time this provision will be upheld.”

All other provisions of Prop 35 are in effect. The injunction applies only to the one provision that convicted sex offenders provide internet identifiers to law enforcement.


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