Californians to Take Stand Against Human Trafficking with Proposition 35

Jul 10, 2012   

California – In November, Californians will be able to take a stand against human trafficking by voting for Proposition 35 – Stop Human Trafficking in California.  Proposition 35, launched in December as the CASE Act, is an initiative that will fight back against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children in the state.  The Secretary of State announced yesterday that the CASE Act will be listed on the November ballot as Proposition 35.

In California, many vulnerable women and young girls are held against their will and forced to sell their bodies.  The victims are often girls as young as 12 who are sexually exploited for the financial gain of human traffickers.  They are afraid for their lives and abused – sexually, physically, and mentally.

Human trafficking is said to be one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world – and it is taking place right here in our own backyard.  Three cities in California – San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego – are recognized by the FBI as high intensity child sex trafficking areas.  In addition, a recent national study by a victims’ rights group gave California an ”F” grade for its weak laws dealing with child sex trafficking.

Proposition 35, a partnership of California Against Slavery and the Safer California Foundation, will protect children in California by:

·         Increasing prison terms for human traffickers.

·         Requiring convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders.

·         Requiring all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts.

·         Requiring criminal fines from convicted human traffickers to pay for services to help victims.

Proposition 35 has been endorsed by organizations representing over 90,000 rank and file California Peace Officers, advocates for the protection of children, including Marc Klaas and the KlaasKids Foundation, and human trafficking survivors.

For comprehensive information on Proposition 35, visit  See below for quotes on the importance of this ballot initiative.

Leah Albright-Byrd, Human Trafficking Survivor:

“I was trafficked, abused, and sexually exploited as a child.  As a survivor of this experience, I’m asking Californians to join with me in supporting Proposition 35.  With Proposition 35, we’re saying ‘enough is enough’ in our state to human traffickers – no child should go through the nightmare I endured.  Let’s take a stand together against these crimes and pass Proposition 35.”

Marc Klaas, KlaasKids Foundation:

“Proposition 35 is the easy choice for California voters.  Democrat or Republican, Independent or other, this is an initiative that we as Californians can all support, united against human traffickers and those who would sexually exploit our kids.  We can make our streets safer and help protect our kids online by voting yes on Proposition 35 this November.”

Chris Kelly, Former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook & Founder, Safer California Foundation:

“In this day and age, young people are constantly online – on the computer and on their phone.  But right now, we’re missing out on a significant way to stop criminals who use the Internet to prey on vulnerable children.  Proposition 35 would require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts to the authorities.  That’s a common sense step towards making our children safer in California.”

Daphne Phung, Founder, California Against Slavery:

“This November, Californians will receive a ballot filled with choices, many contentious and controversial.  In the midst of that, Proposition 35 stands alone as the clear and simple choice for voters and our state.  By voting Yes on Proposition 35, we’re saying that we won’t tolerate the human trafficking of vulnerable women and children in California – neither on our streets nor online.  We can all get behind this, and we must. It’s a human rights issue.”

California Congresswoman Jackie Speier:

“The sexual exploitation of young Americans needs to stop now, not tomorrow or next year when more adolescents are forced by human traffickers to sell their bodies multiple times each night.  It’s time to get the human traffickers in jail and the girls off the street.  By supporting Proposition 35, Californians can join me in saying that the sexual exploitation of women and children in our state is unacceptable.  Let’s pass this initiative and take a stand against these crimes.”

Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney:

“The grim reality is that human trafficking of vulnerable women and children is taking place in communities across California.  I’ve worked for over a decade to combat this crime and I can say with firsthand experience that our state needs tougher penalties against human traffickers and services to help victims.  Californians can fight back against these crimes by supporting Proposition 35.”

Supervisor Don Knabe, 4th District, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors:

“It is unthinkable that children are trafficked for sex in California, but that’s what’s happening throughout our state and right here in Los Angeles County.  By toughening penalties against human traffickers, Proposition 35 is a much-needed step forward in the fight against these horrific crimes.  I urge voters in California to join me in supporting Proposition 35 this November.”

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 About Proposition 35 – Stop Human Trafficking in California

Proposition 35 – Stop Human Trafficking in California is a joint partnership of California Against Slavery and the Safer California Foundation.  Slated for the November 2012 ballot, Proposition 35 is a ballot initiative to fight back against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children. It increases penalties against human traffickers and online predators, requires convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders, requires all registered sex offenders to provide the authorities with information about their internet accounts, and uses the fines against convicted traffickers to pay for victim services.  For more information, visit

About California Against Slavery

California Against Slavery (CAS) is a non-partisan human rights organization dedicated to ending human trafficking, starting where we live. The organization’s mission is to defend the freedom of every child, woman and man by empowering the people of California to fulfill our obligation to stop human trafficking.  For more information, visit

About the Safer California Foundation

The Safer California Foundation is dedicated to supporting efforts to protect Californians from all forms of criminal exploitation. Created by Chris Kelly, former Facebook Chief Privacy Officer and a Silicon Valley attorney and philanthropist, the Safer California Foundation looks forward to the day when every neighborhood in California is as safe as our most secure neighborhoods today.

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