Human Trafficking National Hotline

If you think you have encountered a victim of human trafficking, please call: 1-888-3737-888
The National Human Trafficking Resource Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In cases of emergency, call 911.

Human Trafficking Reports

Survivor Accounts/Recognizing the Signs

Awareness Materials

Online Safety

  • NetSmartz Workshop for online safety for kids, tweens, and teens (a program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

Movies/Films (Domestic Focus)

  • Shared Hope International’s Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking video series (4 parts)
  • The Playground documentary trailer about domestic minor sex trafficking (5 minutes)
  • Rachel Lloyd of GEMS, Making of a Girl, description of what it may feel like for a trafficked girl, set to music (5 minutes)
  • Very Young Girls, a critically acclaimed documentary following the story of several young girls who are victims of domestic minor sex trafficking in New York. Available on Netflix or order through GEMS’ website
  • Carissa, an award winning film about Carissa from Fresno, California and how she went from a homeless 12 year old girl prostituted for sex, to earning a degree in law from UCLA and helping other victims.
  • Dreams Die Hard documentary, from Free the Slaves (36 minutes). Highlights the story of three survivors in the United States.


  • Global Human Smuggling, David Kyle and Rey Koslowski
  • Remember Me, Rescue Me, Matt Roper
  • Global Woman, Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in The New Economy, Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • Disposable Domestics, Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy, Grace Chang
  • Unbound Voices, A Documentary History of Chinese Women in San Francisco, Judy Yung
  • Human Traffic, Sex, Slaves & Immigration, Craig McGill
  • Woman, Child for sale, The New Slave Trade in the 2st Century, Gilbert King
  • Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy, Kevin Bales
  • The Traffic in Women: Human Realities of the International Sex Trade, Siriporn Skrobanek , Nattaya Boonpakdi , Chutima Janthakeero
  • Working the Streets, A Handbook for Christians Involved in outreach to Prostitutes, by Ruth Robb & Marion Carson
  • Freeing God’s Children: The Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights, Allen D. Hertzke

Anti-Trafficking Organizations (Domestic Focus)

  • Courage To Be You (Sacramento) – The purpose of Courage House is to provide a safe, loving environment, with a comprehensive, holistic approach in mental health, psychosocial and educational services, in an RCL-12 group home setting for minors aged 11-17 who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
  • MISSSEY (Oakland) – Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth (MISSSEY) advocates and facilitates the empowerment and inner transformation of sexually exploited youth by holistically addressing their specific needs. MISSSEY collaborates to bring about systemic and community change to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and youth through raising awareness, education and policy development.
  • GenerateHope (San Diego) – The GenerateHope program provides dedicated housing and recovery, including continued education, job training, life-skills training, individual and group therapy, recreational activities and other support services. Since recovery from sexual exploitation is a long-term process, GenerateHope provides up to seven years of support to work through past trauma. This allows women the ability to live independently and become a positive influence on their communities and future generations.
  • New Day for Children – The programs provide living environments for girls from California and other referring states 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, until they are healthy and prepared to live again with their families or guardians or until attaining adulthood. The quality, accredited curriculum is tailored to their individual academic level and life goals. Our programs are located in very safe and secure areas. The grounds are beautiful, and delicious, healthy meals are served. Our girls live in loving, nurturing family like environments where they have a hope of recovering their lost childhoods and building trust.
  • SAGE (Standing Against Global Exploitation) (San Francisco) – The SAGE Project, Inc. has developed a variety of services and programs to meet the needs of the men, women and youth traumatized by commercial sexual exploitation (CSE/CSEC), while continuing to act for policy change and helping those who want to replicate SAGE’s programs in their own agencies or municipalities.
  • GEMS (Girl’s Education and Mentoring Services) (New York; a leading organization) – Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is the only organization in New York State specifically designed to serve girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.
  • Rescue and Restore Campaign - HHS Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking public awareness campaign, which established Rescue and Restore coalitions in 24 cities, regions and States. These community action groups are comprised of NGO leaders, academics, students, law enforcement agents, and other key stakeholders who are committed to addressing the problem of human trafficking in their own communities.
  • Salvation Army - The Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking (IAST) is a distinctive partnership of organizations (spearheaded by The Salvation Army National Headquarters) united in their desire to abolish the sex trafficking of women and children — one of the largest and most destructive routes into slavery in the world today.
  • National Center for Explicated and Missing Children
  • Shared Hope International
  • The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) (Los Angeles)
  • Captive Daughters (Los Angeles)
  • Oasis USA: Oasis walks alongside the poor and excluded, empowering them to find their voice, address injustice, and strengthen their communities.
  • With More Than Purpose (San Diego)
  • Slavery No More (Los Angeles area)
  • Los Angeles Network to Abolish Slavery (Los Angeles area)
  • Night Light (Los Angeles area)
  • I abolish

Anti-Trafficking Organizations (International Focus)

  • Polaris Project: One of the largest international anti human trafficking organizations based in Washington D.C.
  • International Justice Mission: Faith based human rights agency that secures justice for victims of violent oppression.
  • ECPAT: a network of organizations and individuals working together to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children worldwide.
  • Chab Dai: A coalition of over 40 organizations working together to end sexual slavery in Cambodia.
  • Lotus Outreach International: Dedicated to ensuring the education, health and safety of vulnerable women and children in the developing world.
  • STOP THE TRAFFIK:More than 1000 member organizations in 50 countries & a grass roots following of ordinary activists around the world. STOP THE TRAFFIK is a global movement working to combat the fastest growing global crime, people trafficking. Around the world men, women and children are being treated as commodities–something to be bought, sold, and enslaved.
  • Stop Child Trafficking Now: Stop Child Trafficking addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction. While over 260 organizations are currently focused on rescuing children, until the demand side is addressed, the supply will always exist. Few people know that virtually no convictions have occurred in the U.S. in the last 10 years, thus this heinous crime grows.
  • Breaking Chains: Bringing the Light of Christ to the dark world of Sexual Exploitation.
  • Home Foundation: dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking both domestically and abroad. Through advocacy, education and relief efforts, the Home Foundation is committed to end the suffering of women and children sold into sexual slavery.
  • Transitions Global: rebuilding new lives for victims of human trafficking.
  • Agape International Missions: A faith based NGO fighting human trafficking in Cambodia
  • Somaly Mam Foundation: safe homes for trafficked children in Cambodia.
  • YAPI: Youth Advocate Program International promotes and protects the rights and well-being of the world’s youth, giving particular attention to children victimized by conflict, exploitation, and state and personal violence.
  • Makeway Partners: Make Way Partners uses two criteria to select places of ministry: (1) Where women & children are at highest risk of human trafficking, forced prostitution and other forms of modern-day slavery. (2) Where little to no other help is available because it is considered either “too” dangerous, “too” expensive or “too” remote for most people to go.
  • Love146 - Works toward the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. Love146 trains aftercare workers, multiplies safe homes, aids socioeconomic development programs in high risk communities and provides a voice for these victims of modern-day slavery.
  • Witness: Uses videos to open the eyes of the world to human right violations.
  • (Human Trafficking): Online petitions regarding human trafficking campaigns.


  • Human Trafficking: A web resource for human trafficking.
  • Origin Coffee: Coffee shop in Rocklin, California. All proceeds go to victims of human trafficking; offer’s fair trade coffee and merchandise. Volunteers welcome.