Wyvernwood Chronicle

Oct 12, 2012   

EGP Nov. 2012 Ballot Recommendation

Yes on Proposition 35—Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative.

The fact that children and teens are prey for those who use human beings for sexual crimes, ruining their lives by subjecting them to inhumane treatment, degrading their existence and our society, is reason enough for us to issue a forceful Yes on measure 35.

But just as important as the penalty enhancements that will be added to the sentencing of anyone convicted of trafficking in child sexual abuse, is the cultural shift in our understanding of human trafficking that will be brought  about by the relabeling and stigmatizing of those found guilty of these crimes. A 12-14 year-old girl or boy caught up in a prostitution sting will no longer be seen as criminal, instead they will treated as victims and provided with wrap around services to help them try and get their life back together. Pimps, who these days are more likely to ply their trade on the Internet then on a street corner, will be forced to register as sex offenders if convicted of forcing a juvenile to have sex. They will also be required to turn over email addresses to authorities for monitoring.

Human trafficking is not just a criminal bringing in child sex slaves from other countries, on the contrary, most of the children who fall into this category were born right here in the U.S. And a large number of them have been in our foster care system.

As far as we are concerned these punishments are justified, so let’s not quibble with inane arguments against Prop. 35. Vote Yes.

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