Stockton Record

Oct 15, 2012   

Casting a vote FOR JUSTICE

California voters have an opportunity to significantly improve criminal justice in this state by ending what isn’t working, punishing more harshly those who commit an unthinkable act and allowing judges to do their job.

Propositions 34, 35 and 36 all deserve a Yes vote.

Proposition 35

This initiative would sharply increase the punishment for human trafficking, both for labor trafficking and for sex trafficking.

There are federal and state laws against both forms of trafficking, but the state penalties are strangely light. For example, sex trafficking of an adult by force is punishable by only five years in prison and for a minor it’s just eight years. This proposition would change the sentences to 20 years and life, respectively.

In addition to increasing the prison sentences for trafficking, Proposition 35 would increase the fines that could be imposed and directs that 70 percent of the money collected be used by public agencies and nonprofits to provide direct services to victims.

Organized opposition to this proposal is virtually nonexistent and for good reason. The penalties should increase for this heinous crime. A Yes vote on Proposition 35 does just that.


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