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Oct 12, 2012   

Editorial: IJ’s endorsements for state Propositions 34-37

VOTING HAS begun by mail-in ballot and voters are being asked to decide the fate of 10 state propositions.

Thursday, we published our recommendations on Propositions 30 to 33. Today we cover Propositions 34 to 37 and on Saturday will share the IJ editorial board’s positions on Propositions 38 to 40:



Human trafficking: Yes

You won’t find many people who say they don’t want to outlaw human trafficking. That’s probably why Californians Against Slavery had no trouble getting this measure on the Nov. 6 ballot. A good argument could be made that it doesn’t belong there; that a law that gets tough on a despicable crime such as this probably is best written by state lawyers and lawmakers. The proposition is the result of having tried that route without success; being told the state couldn’t afford the tougher laws. Fines set by Proposition 35 would go toward social services for victims and training for law enforcement.

While a proposition is not the best way to write and vet criminal law, a similar law in New York has increased public and police awareness about the problem.


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