Supporter Statements

Dellena Hoyer, Human Trafficking Survivor
“I was trafficked at the age of twelve on the streets of Sacramento, just blocks from the State Capitol. I used to wonder – why didn’t anyone come up to me, and ask what a little girl was doing out on the streets at one o’clock in the morning? No one should have to endure what I went through. That’s why we must pass the CASE Act (Prop 35) – to fight back against human trafficking in California.”

Leah Albright-Byrd, Human Trafficking Survivor
“At age 14 I ran away from my home in San Francisco. I thought I was on the path to a better life, but instead I ran right into the arms of a human trafficker. For years, I was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused – all when I was still just a child. As a survivor of these experiences, I’m asking Californians to take a stand against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children in our state and pass the CASE Act (Prop 35).”

Chris Kelly, Former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook & Founder, Safer California Foundation
“Anonymity on the internet has allowed human traffickers access and opportunity to sexually exploit children in our state. Right now, we are missing out on critical data that could protect kids online. By requiring sex offenders to provide information to the authorities about their online accounts we can make the internet a much safer place for California’s children.”

Daphne Phung, Founder, California Against Slavery
“We can’t just stand by while sex traffickers get rich and throw away their victims. The CASE Act (Prop 35) is our opportunity to say we will not tolerate the sexual abuse of women and children in California. It’s time to pass the CASE Act (Prop 35) and make sure the victims of these horrible crimes receive the justice they deserve and help getting their lives back on track.”

Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher, California’s 75th District
“The CASE Act (Prop 35) is a much-needed step forward in the fight against human trafficking in San Diego and across our state. I’m proud to be part of a bipartisan coalition that’s taking a stand against these crimes. We must do everything we can to stop the exploitation of women and children in California.”

Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, California’s 9th District
“It’s unconscionable that human traffickers are able to exploit vulnerable women and children in the streets of Sacramento and online throughout our state. It’s time to take a stand against human trafficking and pass the CASE Act (Prop 35) in November.”

Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney
“As a District Attorney who has worked for decades to crack down on human trafficking, I can say with firsthand experience that the CASE Act (Prop 35) will help protect our state’s most vulnerable women and children. Increasing penalties for human traffickers and online predators and strengthening victims services are much-needed steps in the fight against these crimes.”

Marc Klaas, KlaasKids Foundation
“In communities across California there are monsters who prey on women and children – both on the streets and online. With the CASE Act (Prop 35), we can help protect innocent children by requiring all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts and requiring convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders. We can fight back against sexual predators and make the internet a safer place for innocent children.”

Brian Marvel, President, San Diego Police Officers Association

“For over a decade, I’ve worked to protect and serve the people of San Diego. During this time, I’ve confronted the reality of human trafficking on our streets. From my experience, I see the need for the CASE Act (Prop 35), which will increase prison terms for human traffickers and require convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders. This initiative will give law enforcement the tools we need to prevent horrible crimes and save lives.”

Laura McLean, STARS Coordinator, San Diego Youth Services
“I work with many young women and children who have been sexually exploited in San Diego. They have experienced horrific traumas at the hands of traffickers who view them solely as commodities to be bought and sold. By supporting the CASE Act (Prop 35), we can let the victims of these crimes know that California stands with them and against the perpetrators of these crimes.”

Sher Barber, Executive Director, Wind Youth Services (Sacramento)
“We provide services to many young people who have been sexually exploited and trafficked on the streets of Sacramento and throughout Northern California. As service providers who confront the tragic results of human trafficking on a daily basis, we know that California can and must do more for the victims of these crimes. For these young people and all the other victims across our state, we support any legislation that advocates on behalf of victims of sex trafficking.”

Sharmin Bock, a nationally recognized and respected human trafficking expert
“This ballot initiative is a comprehensive and effective response to an epidemic that plagues our state and must be stopped in order to protect our children from what is modern day slavery. If this initiative is passed, we will have the toughest and best human trafficking law in the country, and California will be the last place on the planet that a trafficker would want to do business. If California voters approve this initiative, I predict that traffickers will flee as fast as possible from our state, and we will have done our very best to protect our state’s most precious resource, our children.”

Lt. Ron Cottingham, Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) President
“Human trafficking is a serious human rights violation. It is taking place in our own backyard. If passed, the California Against Slavery initiative will be a monumental step forward for California to preventing the crime and protecting trafficked victims.”

Jerry Hara, President, National Latino Peace Officers Association-San Diego Metro Chapter
“As an organization dedicated to protecting our youths and ‘Keeping America Safe,’ we fully support and commend California Against Slavery’s efforts. This initiative will bring real change to an often overlooked issue in our communities and make California a safer place for everyone.”

Brent J. Meyer, President of Sacramento Police Officers Association
“We strongly believe that this initiative is a bold and tangible solution to address the long-overlooked and serious issue of human trafficking in California. …When passed, we believe such an initiative will greatly deter the expansion of this crime by increasing the penalty and fines for perpetrators, implement more effective tools for law enforcement officers and, most importantly, bring a higher level of awareness to the citizens of California.”

Jenny Williamson, founder and president of Courage to Be You
“As an organization committed to the rescue and restoration of children held captive in the hideous, evil world of sex trafficking, we support and desperately need to see revision in our state law with regard to human trafficking! Minor, domestic children, who have been trafficked for sex need to be identified as victims so they can receive the critical care necessary to restore them to their purpose and potential. Severe fines and extended jail time for the perpetrators of this evil must be enacted if ever this crime is to be deterred. In addition, our courageous law enforcement officers must be equipped and encouraged with mandatory, specific training so that rescuing these vulnerable victims and putting their perpetrators away becomes a priority within our state.”

Linda Smith, Founder and President of Shared Hope International
“California is a major hub for human trafficking. We fully endorse the California Against Slavery initiative because we see the strategic importance of having stronger state laws in place in the fight against human trafficking.”

Vicki Zito, the mother of a human trafficking victim in California
“As a mother of a victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, I am supporting the California Against Slavery initiative.”

Susan Munsey, LCSW, Executive Director of GenerateHope
“My heart breaks for the young women we work with every time I hear about the inhumanities they suffered while trafficked in California. It only complicates the trauma & recovery when the traffickers penalties are disproportionately minimal. The California Against Slavery initiative is a practical & monumental way for our society to take serious steps toward putting an end to the evils inherent in human trafficking.”